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  • •Two people accused of murdering Bournemouth man Angelo Rodrigues are standing trial at Winchester Crown Court.
  • •The 44-year-old died of multiple stab wounds following an incident at his flat in Coleman Road, West Howe on July 27, 2012.
  • •Tracy Mansell, 56, of Coleman Road, West Howe and James Kinsley, 40, of Hinton Road, Bournemouth, deny murdering Mr Rodrigues.
  • •The case is being prosecuted by Graham Reeds QC.
  • •Kinsley is represented by Peter Birkett QC and Mansell by Mark Heyward QC.


And that concludes the evidence for today - more tomorrow.


Mansell gave four no comment interviews, but Kinsley was told by a police officer: "What I can tell you at this time is that she is not saying that you didn't do anything."

Solicitor at the time points out that this is a double negative.

At a later point, he is told: "She is not writing you out of this."

Kinsley said being told this false information affected the way he conducted himself with the police at later points.


He said to police when they told him about the scissors in his drawer: "The silliest thing...stab someone 17 times and then put them in my drawer.

"Come on now."


Half of the scissors were found in undergrowth in Coleman Road by witness. Second half were found concealed in Kinsley's cutlery drawer


Prosecution says: "If all this was nothing to do with you, why didn't you get help?"

He tells Kinsley: "You left him to die."

Kinsley said: "I did, but not knowing. I've got to live with that. I could have helped him if I'd known what to do."


Kinsley said he felt "gutless" after telling police Mansell had asked him to give her a black eye. Prosecution calls this lie "disturbing"


Kinsley signed a defence case statement on Dec 3 while in custody.

Prosecution says: "Why did you lie in this document about not having any knowledge of the knife until she confessed back in her flat?"

Prosecution says Kinsley has changed his account multiple times.

"I did not want to lie in court, on oath," he said.

"It's not stopped you so far - lying in your account," prosecution replies.


Prosecution says Kinsley had "conflicting loyalties" after his arrest - to himself and to Mansell


Kinsley admitting he lied to police in first interview.

Neighbour heard him tell Mansell to give him the knife - he denied this. He now accepts he did say that, and then lied to police.

Prosecution said: "You thought that if you were associated with the knife that might make you look more guilty of murder."

Kinsley agrees.


Breaking for lunch. More this afternoon.


Kinsley said he does not remember seeing blood on the knife as they left the flat.

Mr Reeds said: "You know full well you had take the scissors off her.

"You know it had blood on it. You know what she had done with it."

Kinsley denies this totally, and said: "When this happened, I thought no one would ever believe it wasn't me.

"She is a 17 years older woman. Police would never believe that. I had admitted fighting with him."


Kinsley said Mansell could have stabbed Angelo in the bedroom, although said: "Not while I was pinning him down though."



Kinsley says he punched Angelo in self-defence only. Said he never saw Mansell stab him


Three blood spatters found on the sheet, pillow and inside arm of the chair, which forensics say was caused by an impact on wet blood while victim was low down. Prosecution asks if Kinsley was holding him down and repeatedly punching him - then says while Kinsley was holding him down, Mansell stabbed him


Prosecution's case is that Mansell and Kinsley bundled Angelo into his flat, down hallway and into bedroom where he was attacked.

"How did you get him into the bedroom rather than any other rooms?" he asks.

Kinsley said there was a "momentum" when he was inside: "He was pulling, grabbing, whatever.

"We ended up in the bedroom and landed on the bed. That's where the fight - scuffle - happened."


Prosecution, Graham Reeds QC, asking about Kinsley following Mansell upstaits to Angelo's flat.

He said: "Did it occur to you to shout to her, 'What's going on?' or 'Come away.'"

Kinsley said he wanted to grab her and pull her away, but Mr Reeds asked why he didn't shout.

He says: "It looks like you were going upstairs to join with the attack."

Kinsley denies this.


Prosecution said Mansell and Angelo were in a long-running "feud" - both deliberately annoyed each other at times


Jury has graphics of Angelo's face taken at the post-mortem. Prosecution said: "It looks like he has been attacked quite furiously". He says Angelo was attacked in his own home by Mansell and Kinsley


Prosecution says Kinsley suffered no visisble injuries in the incident - he said: "It was noted that you did not appear to have any injuries to your fists", adding, "You do concede that you struck Mr Rodrigues". Kinsley agrees


Prosecution now questioning Kinsley


Kinsley tells the court he lied in a police interview - he said Mansell asked him to give her a black eye so police would say it was self-defence. Mansell's defence said: "You made up a lie about blacking Tracy's eye - it was a lie you made up." Kinsley said "Yes"


Quick break in court - more soon


He said that at that point, as he was going through the interview, he still believed a knife was involved, and not a pair of scissors


He was told that police had discovered the blade that killed Angelo "concealed" in a drawer at his home. He said: "I thought they were trying to frame me, or Tracy was putting the blame on me."

When asked how he felt about that, he said: "I panicked more than you could possibly believe."


He told police: "I did not see a knife. I did not touch a knife."


Kinsley told police Angelo had a "pick-axe handle" as a weapon, which Angelo had "smashed him in the mouth" with a couple of years previously


Interview lasted six hours


The two left the building and took a bus to Kinsley's flat. He went out with a friend and stayed with him. The next day, he went to a police station and told them everything he knew


Kinsley said he had no knowledge of the stabbing at the time. He said Mansell took the rope weapon to her flat because she didn't want Angelo to hit him with it again


He said he saw a "bladed item" in her hand upstairs and shouted "Give me that knife"


When they got back to the flat, Mansell spotted blood on Kinsley's jeans. He didn't know how it had got there - she said "I've got something to tell you - I think I've stabbed him"


The two finished fighting and Kinsley and Mansell left - both men still shouting abusive things at this point, Kinsley said


Solicitor asks him if he knew Mansell had a blade - Kinsley said "no"


Angelo and Kinsley ended up in the bedroom - Angelo picked up a box that looked like it might be for jewellery and tried to hit Kinsley with it. He shouted to Mansell, "Get that off him"


Angelo and Kinsley were involved in a fight in the hallway - Kinsley said they "scuffled" but he didn't want to fight. They ended up inside the flat


He says Angelo Rodrigues swung a "rope-y weapon" at him on the day of his death, catching him on his neck and his back on the left hand side


Hearing from defendent James Kinsley in court today


Good morning. We'll be live-blogging from the trial when it starts later today.

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