A TAXI driver who killed a Bournemouth University student has walked free from court with a fine of just £35.

Tom Ridgway, 20, was carried on the bonnet of the taxi for 90 metres after he was struck as he cycled along a street in the suburbs of Birmingham.

Ichhapel Bhamra, 54, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and received three points on his licence. Prosecutor Malcolm Stoddart told Birmingham Magistrates Court how student Ridgway was flung onto the bonnet of the Toyota Previa.

The driver hurtled down the road for 90 metres after the collision, smashing into traffic signs and finally colliding with a tree.

Mr Ridgway was later taken to hospital, where he died shortly after.

His mother, who lives in Birmingham, said: “We miss Tom dreadfully. It’s ruined our lives and taken Tom’s. Family and friends miss him so badly – he was a special person.

“Neither the charge nor the sentence reflect the enormous tragedy of a young man’s death when he was simply cycling along next to the pavement.”

She said her son was popular at university and was a talented artist.