FORTY-EIGHT households across Bournemouth are watching their favourite programmes using black and white televisions, according to the TV Licensing authority.

Figures released yesterday showed more than 13,000 homes across the UK are still using black and white television sets, with the highest number of monochrome licences in London, which has 2,715.

A black and white television licence costs £49 a year, while a colour licence costs £145.50.

TV Licensing spokesman, Stephen Farmer said: “It's remarkable that with the digital switchover complete, 41 per cent of UK households owning HDTVs and Britons leading the world in accessing TV content over the internet, more than 13,000 households still watch their favourite programmes on a black and white telly.

“There will always be a small number of users who prefer monochrome images, don't want to throw away a working piece of technology or collect old TV sets.

“Maybe these will still be around in 10 years from now, when the number of black and white licences will have fallen to a few hundred - about the same number of black and white sets that were in use on the opening night of BBC television 70 years ago.”

Bournemouth has fewer black and white TV licences than Southampton, which has 69. but more than Portsmouth, where there are 21. 

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