BOURNEMOUTH Symphony Orchestra will be taking an inspiring new music education project to schools in the south over the next two years.

The orchestra has received a £140,000 education grant from JP Morgan to take its BSO Blast to 24,000 children.

Initial funding for the scheme came from Arts Council England’s Catalyst Fund.

The aim of the programme is to inspire music-making in schools and those in low income communities and bring children from across the region to perform together on stage in front of large audiences.

Dougie Scarfe, CEO of the orchestra, said: “The BSO has enjoyed a long relationship with JP Morgan and thousands of children in the company’s operating area have benefited as a result. BSO Blast will take this work to a new level – not only inspiring young people to make music but creating development pathways for those who show talent, led by our professional musicians.”

BSO Blast will link up with the new musical hubs set up in the area. The hubs aiim to see every child aged five to 18 years given the opportunity to sing and learn a music instrument.