AN RSPCA inspector has spoken out after two adult cats were dumped in a car park.

Graham Hammond said the cats, a tortoiseshell and a ginger male, were found in the downstairs parking area at Castlepoint Shopping Centre, Bournemouth, on Friday.

The cats are not microchipped, but they are healthy and comfortable with people.

Insp Hammond said: “Thank-fully, someone did find these abandoned cats and reported it to security, so they are now safely with us. However, there was a real risk they could have got out of the cat carrier as part of its door was broken, and then it might have been a different story.”

After the find, RSPCA workers have been calling the cats Marcia and Spencer.

One of the cats has a collar, and the male has been neutered, but the RSPCA has no clues as to where the animals came from.

“It’s not a very Christmassy spirit thing to do,” said Insp Hammond.

“The cats are in good condition, and nothing untoward has happened to them physically.

“They are very friendly too.

“If anyone knows a home which had two cats matching this description that suddenly aren’t there any more, we would like to hear from them.

“We want to find out what has happened that led to these healthy cats being dumped in a car park.”

The cats were found at around lunchtime on Friday, and it is thought they weren’t in the car park for long before they were discovered.

The inspector said: “Unfor-tunately, there isn’t any CCTV footage, and so we do need help tracking down the owners of these cats.

“If anyone knows anything, we’d ask them to telephone our cruelty line which is on 0300 1234 999.”