A STABBING victim not expected to survive horrific injuries inflicted in Boscombe is enjoying a double celebration as 2013 dawns.

Nick Verron, who was stabbed in the brain with a screwdriver, was told recovery was “unrealistic” and that he would never walk again or live independently.

But the determined 28-year-old has taken his first unaided steps and has just got engaged.

His next target is to walk his bride-to-be down the aisle this year.

Nick was a 25-year-old top salesman earning £36,000 a year when he bumped into 17-year-old Jason Teelin in Roumelia Lane just after midnight in July 2009.

Witnesses heard Teelin threaten Nick before stabbing him and running away.

Doctors warned his family his life support machine may have to be turned off but he started to breathe unaided and has relentlessly pursued his dream of recovery ever since.

He recently walked five steps without assistance and was so shocked he did it again “to prove it was not a fluke.”

Nick, who now lives in his own bungalow, told the Daily Echo: “I am doing great - everything seems to be going brilliantly. Walking on my own was something I thought I was never going to be able to do.”

He said he hopes to marry his fiancée, Faith, late this year and added: “All you need in life is a little Faith - and I'm going to marry mine. She motivates me and constantly pushes my limits.

“She convinced me to go to Greece on holiday and when we got there not only did she get me on a boat but also convinced me to go snorkelling.

“We are going to Singapore this year so I can meet her family, then getting married. I want to be able to walk down the aisle.”

Nick's mum, Sue Vincent, said: “It has been a hell of a journey - he has hit the heights and the depths and has never given up, ever. If somebody tells him something is impossible, he will do it. He's always been like that.”

Sue said Nick constantly works out in a bid to build up his strength but said his sight, speech and balance are still badly affected by his injuries.

She added: “It is unbelievable that he has gone from where he was to such joy in life.”

Sue said he and Faith are “as mad as each other” and said: “They've been known to go to the supermarket together, Nick in his mobility scooter and Faith tied on the back on roller skates. They are so happy.”

• Teelin, of no fixed address, was jailed for seven years in April 2010 after admitting grievous bodily harm with intent.

Nick's story