BIG-HEARTED parents danced their way to success after being challenged to take their children’s ballet exams.

Twenty-six budding ballerinas trained for a gruelling six weeks at Wimborne’s Footlight Performance Academy in a bid to boost the coffers of the Daily Echo backed Sparkle Appeal.

Their determination paid off when the event raised £3,456.78 for the Sparkle appeal.

Footlight manager Miss Leanne Dade, who trained the adults, said: “I am extremely proud of what they achieved. It was a fantastic success and everyone loved the experience; especially the children. Roles were reversed with the children being able to help their parents with their homework.

“I’m sure that the parents and grandparents who took part now have a greater appreciation of the art.”

The money will go towards Victoria Education Centre and Sports College at Branksome which specialises in providing education, care and therapy for children with physical disabilities.

The specialist school caters for children with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. Some have been involved in accidents or suffered severe illness, tumours or strokes.

Sparkle Appeal manager Diana Newbury thanked all those who had taken part in the novel fundraising event. She said: “It was a really original idea which fired sponsors’ imaginations. Even dads dressed up in tutus.”

To donate to the Sparkle appeal, which was set up to fund much-needed hydrotherapy facilities for disabled children, visit or phone Diana on 01202 758309.