IT appeared to be a case of ‘rubbish parking’ when a bin lorry broke down in an alleyway in Bournemouth town centre.

Freelance photographer Chris Skone-Roberts spotted the white and blue Sita truck at Terrace Road on Monday morning.

He said: “I was driving past at around 9am when I saw a workman standing on the pavement scratching his head. It looked like the lorry was stuck fast; the driver was revving his engine to try and free the truck. There were screeching and honking sounds.

“Men were on their phones trying to sort it out, they seemed quite calm. The lorry was on a slope and its wheels were off the ground. It looked like the entrance to a flat block so no one could come or go.”

Chris, who lives in Bournemouth town centre, said: “I always carry my cameras around and watched as they tried to move the lorry; without success.”

Sita spokesman Mike Dobson told the Daily Echo: “Pictures can be deceiving; it may look like it is stuck under scaffolding but what actually happened was that the lorry broke down as it was reversing to collect shop waste.

“We managed to get it going again after about half an hour.”