DORSET Police say they will come down hard on anyone causing antisocial behaviour this Christmas and New Year.

Officers say tackling antisocial behaviour is one of their priorities and there has been a reduction in offences reported in the county during 2012.

Superintendent Dave Thorp said: “We recognise that ASB can ruin lives by making victims feel afraid, intimidated and vulnerable.

“We will therefore take robust action against anyone taking part in antisocial behaviour over the festive period, just as we do all year round.”

Offenders could be arrested, issued with a warning or fixed penalty notice or handed an ASBO or antisocial behaviour contract.

Supt Thorp added: “If you are going out over the festive period, enjoy yourself but remember to consider others.

“If you are out late for Christmas drinks, head home quietly without waking up your neighbours or those living close to pubs and clubs.

“Alcohol can lead to rowdy situations and can make you vulnerable so take care and know your limits.”

He warned groups of young people that action will be taken if they are found causing a disturbance and said: “Although the presence of a group of teenagers doesn’t automatically mean antisocial behaviour is being committed, if offences are taking place then we will take action.

Antisocial behaviour is behind door 17 of the Dorset Police Advent Calendar campaign, which can be viewed at or by searching for #DPadventcalendar on Twitter.