STAFF at a thriving restaurant have spoken out to quash rumours they are the subject of environmental health action.

Day’s Buffet Restaurant in St Peter’s Quarter, Bournemouth, has been plagued by persistent rumours it is closed or about to be closed down.

Bournemouth Council has confirmed the speculation is completely unfounded and said it has no concerns about standards or hygiene at the premises.

The restaurant also achieved a five-star food hygiene rating on its last inspection – the highest possible.

When the Echo visited on Friday, the restaurant was packed with diners.

Staff said the rumours started circulating three weeks ago and they were continuing to receive daily calls from customers checking whether they are still open.

Manager Vincent Guo said: “People say we’re shut down but that could not be further from the truth. We are doing really well, business is really good.”

“We just want to set the record straight, to let everyone know that we are open as usual and looking forward to entertaining lots of Christ-mas parties in the next couple of weeks.

“One customer told me he had seen something on Facebook about us being closed but I don’t know where that would have come from.

“It seems very strange that so many people are hearing the same thing, especially when it is absolutely not true.”

Louise Jones, principal environmental health officer, said: “The council has never received complaints about Day’s Restaurant in relation to rumours currently circulating.

“Environmental Health has a very positive relationship with this particular establishment and has no concerns about the food standards and hygiene at these premises.

“Indeed, because of the large number of customers catered for and the breadth of food served, regular inspections, visits and routine food sampling are done by environmental health officers to ensure customer safety.”