THREE youths have been arrested in connection with a series of arsons in the Littlemoor area.

The boys, all from Weymouth and aged 13, 11 and 11, are helping police with enquiries.

The arrests come after a 73-year-old cancer patient’s car was burnt out in the Finches, Littlemoor in the early hours of the morning of Sunday December 9.

A lit piece of paper was put through the letterbox of a house in Louviers Road, Littlemoor, on Sunday, December 2.

Inspector Les Fry, of Weymouth Police, said: “Dorset Police takes all reports of crime in Weymouth seriously.

“We are proactive and robust in our attention to detail and will always support victims of crime.

“Anyone who commits crime will be subject to police attention.”

Following the incidents, local councillors made renewed calls for Littlemoor’s street lights to be turned back on overnight.