LITTLE Ella-May Cauldwell’s birthday will be extra special this year – she turns 12 today... 12/12/12.

The schoolgirl was born in the millennium year and will be celebrating her special day with family and friends.

Ella-May said: “It is quite exciting.

“I only realised it a couple of months ago when I was looking to see what day my actual birthday fell on and saw the date, month and year.”

Ella-May, who lives in Magadalen Lane, Bridport, has been ice skating with her dad to celebrate as well having fun and a party with her mum Hannah Lee and family.

Ella has a sister Lily Cauldwell, nine, and a brother Madoc Lee, aged two and a half.

Mum Hannah said: “It is quite an unusual event.

“We have had a few people comment on it and make comments about it.

“It is a quite a rare occurrence as dates like this will not come around again for a very long time as there are only 12 months.”

She added: “Ella-May does think it is a bit special. She is quite proud.”

Ella-May’s birthday comes in a landmark year with the London 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee but it also coincides with world Hula Hoop Day.

Some people believe that the ancient Mayan calendar speaks of 12/12/2012 as the end of times as we know it although others place the date at 21/12/2012.

The ancient Mayans said thatthe date would herald the beginning of a new cycle of evolution for planet Earth, humanity and the cosmos.

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