A NIGHT out in Bournemouth ended in terror for a 23-year-old woman when she was raped by two illegal immigrants, a court heard yesterday.

Afghanis Farid Ghorzanig, 22, and Amir Wallezadeh, 19, who were liable to deportation at the time, both deny rape at Commercial Road on July 1 this year.

Prosecuting at Bournemouth Crown Court, David Bartlett said: “The allegation is one of stranger rape. These defendants do not deny that they had sexual intercourse but they allege that it was with her consent, which she denies.”

Mr Bartlett told jurors how the alleged victim had been filmed on CCTV camera “somewhat the worse for drink” as she walked along Commercial Road, intending to catch a bus home at around 9.30pm.

As she approached the former Dixons electrical store, which was being used as a gift shop, the woman met the defendants who were on the opposite side of the street.

Mr Bartlett said: “It was the smaller one (Ghorzanig) who put his arm around her and encouraged her to come into the shop. The taller one (Wallezadeh) stayed in the doorway of the building.

“Her account is that, although Wallezadeh then opened the shop door with his keys, Ghorzanig took her on a circuitous route along an alleyway into the rear entrance. Access appears to be via a service road, across an elevated gangway and up a staircase into the area above the shop, which was virtually empty apart from a mattress and rug.”

Mr Bartlett said Ghorzanig had sex with the woman first, adding: “She will say it was horrible but she was scared and didn’t know what to do so she stayed. She then heard Wallezadeh come upstairs.”

Jurors were told how Wallezadeh had also had intercourse with the woman.

“She asked if she could go more than once, saying that she wanted to go home.

“Ghorzanig agreed and when she got to The Square the first people she called were the police. Her 999 call was timed at 21.58; she had been in the premises less than 25 minutes.

“The police attended very quickly and found her very upset,” Mr Bartlett added.

The court heard how a cordon had been placed around the premises and at 10.43pm both defendants were spotted running away towards the Central Gardens. They were arrested a short time later.

During interview both men claimed they had been drunk, insisting that the woman had wanted to have sex with them.

The alleged victim is due to give her evidence from behind a screen today.