HOLLYWOOD came to Dorset as Brad Pitt filmed a scene from his new zombie movie.

Dozens of fans battled the wind and rain to get a glimpse of their idol as he made a special one day ‘Pitt-stop’ at Lulworth Cove to shoot a scene for his forthcoming movie World War Z.

The heart-throb was dressed appropriately for Dorset downpours in a heavy parka coat.

Eyewitnesses said Brad spent a lot of the morning on Saturday zooming about the bay in a boat and landing at Lulworth Beach.

The hunk then jumped from the boat and ran into the arms of actors, who are believed to be playing his family in the film.

Fans Nicole Stent, 15, Melissa Fray, 12, and Abigail Parker, 14, arrived at 9am hoping to catch a glimpse of the star and their patience was well rewarded.

Nicole said the friends were by the make-up tent looking at the ‘amazing’ zombie make up before making their way to the beach.

She said: “We heard we could come down to the beach so we did, and the Range Rover came up.

“Brad got out – I was so happy.

“He looked at us and waved and said ‘hi’ and smiled. Then he got on the boat. It was really good.”

She added: “It’s amazing he’s here – it’s a really quiet place.”

Melissa said she and her friends were going to wait by the beach until Brad Pitt came back from filming.

She said the star – one half of Hollywood power couple ‘Brangelina’ with screen siren Angelina Jolie – was as good-looking in real life as in his movies.

She added: “We are big fans. We are going to meet up and go to the movie together.”

She added that it was ‘unreal’ that a movie was being made in the cove. She said: “It’s our home. Them being here is amazing.”

Christine Miller from fishmongers Cove Fish said that although Lulworth Cove was ‘pretty well known’ already, it was great to have the star in town.

She said: “It’s pretty major to have an A-lister here.

“I brought my camera to work in case he might be tempted by one of the shop’s lobsters.”

The Prosser family from Gloucester were expecting a quiet weekend getaway and said it was very exciting to have seen the filming.

Andy Prosser said: “We went to the cove on Friday and they were setting up.”

He added: “We came for a quiet weekend and it turned out to be highly exciting – we texted all our friends, they are very jealous.”

Mandy Prosser said: “We did a walk to Durdle Door yesterday and saw the helicopters they were using and the children were allowed to have a look round.”

She added: “It’s Hollywood on holiday.”


Brad Pitt fans took to Twitter to spread the word on the star’s visit.

Kelly Deremaux tweeted: “Brad Pitt is filming World War Z today at Lulworth! Mum and I seriously considering driving down there with a tent and binoculars.”

Nicola Holland said: “Waiting for traffic reports of gridlocked roads into Lulworth Cove today ##bradpitt”

Some fans were lucky like Cat Borthwick who tweeted: “Just saw Brad Pitt in Lulworth Cove. He looked cold.”

While others weren’t so lucky – @lucyrlawrence tweeted: “Didn't see Brad Pitt but I saw the set and boats and trailers and stuff, pretty cool.”


Star’s cash gift to fundraising mum

GENEROUS Brad Pitt made a huge cash donation to a fundraising mum during a break from filming.

Karley Gallagher was holding a fundraising event for Southampton General Hospital in Lulworth on the same day the Hollywood star was in the village.

Her son Zachary was treated at the hospital because he was born with gastroschisis, a type of hernia that causes the intestines to stick out of the body through a defect near the umbilical cord.

Worried that the star’s presence would stop people from attending the fundraiser, Karley’s friend and owner of the Gift Shop Cafe, Tricia Wilson-Hughes, had a word with two of Brad Pitt’s security guards.

Later they came back with an envelope containing more than £700 in cash.

“I was totally gobsmacked,” said Tricia.

“I just couldn’t believe it.

“They were just so generous. I thought they were going to give me £50 or something.”

She added: “Brad also signed some postcards for us to sell for the fund.

“He also promised to order a whip round of the film crew and send a donation from Los Angeles. It’s amazing.”

Zachary, Karley’s only child, weighed 5lb 4ozs when he was born.

“We found out about Zachary’s condition at the 12-week scan,” Lulworth resident Karley said.

“So we were transferred to Southampton for in-depth scans and consultations to prepare us for what to expect. Zachary was born at 36 weeks, where he was kept in intensive care for nine weeks.

“We nearly lost him numerous times. Without the neonatal team he would have died.”