PRIME Minister David Cameron left diners at the Tickled Pig in Wimborne gobsmacked after he popped in for a surprise visit at the weekend.

The PM, who is believed to have been on a casual visit to Dorset with wife Samantha, arrived with six children, but didn’t try any of the delicious food on offer at the eatery.

However, he told proprietor Jez Barfoot that a friend had tried the food at the restaurant and was impressed at its quality.

Mr Barfoot said: “It was pretty scary when he walked in.
“He just wandered in with about six kids, and his wife and all the children went upstairs.T

he Prime Minister then left for about 20 minutes and came back with a security team. They were all there together upstairs for about 20 minutes after that.”

Mr Cameron told Mr Barfoot that the food looked delicious during his visit.
“When we walked in, there was complete silence,” said the restaurateur.

“Everyone was gobsmacked. Everyone was just thinking, ‘That’s the Prime Minister – he’s at the Tickled Pig’. I can’t imagine he goes out like that often. He looked very busy, but we hope that maybe he’ll come back one day for dinner.”

The PM also made a visit to travel clothing specialist Rohan, Gullivers Bookshop, and children’s giftshop Beebop and Loola on his visit.

In the children’s shop, he even posed for a photo with owner Katrina Palmer and shop assistant Maya Daniels.

Mrs Palmer said: “He bought a collection of different items, and seemed to be on a visit with a friend.”
The Prime Minister, who visited Waitrose was also spotted in Poole later in the afternoon.