The government wants to scrap rules on street trading and door-to-door selling in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Ministers say scrapping the "archaic" Pedlars Act of 1871 and reforming laws on static street traders will help entrepreneurs and small traders who can't afford business premises.

But the Local Government Association says it will lead to a rise on bogus cold callers who prey on the elderly and vulnerable.

The Peddlar's Act means sellers must have a certificate and prove they are of "good character" before they can sell door-to-door.

Changing to street trading laws would see councils lose their powers to refuse an application on the grounds there are already enough traders and shops in a particular area.

What do you think? Would you buy from a door-to-door seller or would you assume it was a scam? Should the law be relaxed? Let us know in the comments below.