HEDGEHOG rescuer Angela Squires has thanked members of the public for their generosity after the Echo highlighted the plight of her prickly orphans.

Her CRASH centre in Poole, is inundated with dozens of injured hedgehogs and youngsters who have not gained enough weight to be able to hibernate safely.

Disabled Angela is giving them round-the-clock care at her home in Canford Heath, providing their veterinary treatment and food from her own pocket and donations to the charity.

Since the Echo’s article last month, she has been given more baby hedgehogs, who are fed on pet food once they are weaned. But she has also been delighted by the support she has received from the community.

“People were dropping off tins of pet food and mealworms, from a few tins to whole cases. One man brought several cases, amounting to around 100 tins. Considering I use around 40 tins a night, this was very welcome indeed,” she said.

“Pupils and staff from Talbot Heath Junior School donated several bags and a case of pet food as well as a generous cash donation. I’ve also had cheques from other individuals wanting to help.

“The hedgehogs and I are so grateful – the situation was getting urgent as I have so many in, needing to be fed every night through the whole winter period. The majority are either too small to hibernate or they have injuries that mean they must be prevented from hibernating or they will die.”

Anyone with spare pet food or meal worms can drop them off at CRASH in Culliford Crescent or at the Parley Cross veterinary practice in New Road, West Parley.