ROBERT Walter, MP for North Dorset, has welcomed the announcement that the Post Office has won the competition to continue supplying tax discs and driving licences for up to 10 more years.

Having lobbied both the Department for Transport and the Cabinet Office in support of the retention of the DVLA contract by the Post Office, Mr Walter said he was “delighted” that the Post Office will retain the £450million contract.

He added: “This was an issue that my constituents were incredibly passionate about. They, like me, are committed to a strong future for our local post offices, which play a vital social and economic role in our rural communities.

“The length of this contract and the scope for additional services demonstrates that the government wants to fulfil its commitment to supporting our local post office network – and that it can do this whilst saving the tax-payer money.

“Having met with and written to a number of concerned sub-post masters in North Dorset over the last 6 months, I know that they too will be thrilled and relieved by this decision.”