A LEADING Dorset head teacher is continuing to demand answers following controversy over this summer’s English GCSE results.

Twynham head Dr Terry Fish is among thousands of heads across the country pushing for grade boundaries changed at the last minute to be reinstated.

Students at schools across Dorset and Hampshire were devastated when they received lower than expected grades this August.

Many were unable to move forward with their studies as planned because they did not receive a vital C grade in English, one of the key requirements of most sixth form and college courses.

Now he and others have written to the chief executive of exams regulator Ofqual, Glenys Stacey, asking her to explain why GCSE results were downgraded this summer.

He told the Daily Echo: “When you have been a teacher for a long time you have a strong sense of what is right and wrong – I have a strong feeling that something wrong has happened here.

“We want students to get the results they deserve. There is a legal challenge going on but the government is carrying on as if nothing is happening.”

In the letter, he urged Mrs Stacey to provide evidence of why assessments were “so savagely” marked down and added: “I feel that your stance in blaming teachers is not only disingenuous but is also incorrect.”

Ofqual’s final report into the issue concluded the pressure on schools to get good GCSE grades had led to over-generous marking of coursework by teachers.