THE owners of Poole’s Dolphin Centre insist their multi-million pound revamp plans are still on track – despite speculation they could sell up.

Dutch property company Wereldhave say they will press on with their £6.5million proposals to rejuvenate the Dolphin Centre, Kingland Crescent and Falkland Square but admit they are seeking a partner to help with finance.

It has been reported that Wereldhave are keen to sell the Dolphin Centre, which it acquired in 2010 for £85m, and its other shopping centre at Ealing Broadway.

But the company has said that while it would consider a sale if the prices were right, the properties were not being actively marketed.

Richard Beentjes, a spokesman for Wereldhave, said: “We do have two shopping centres and they need attention, especially Poole. We will consider all strategic options for the two shopping centres including strengthening our own organisation, seeking potential joint venture partners and a full sale of the malls.

“We are contacting a select number of parties to see if they are interested in a joint venture. The properties are not for sale. We will consider all strategic options and if someone provides a tempting offer, we will consider it.”

And John Laker, the MD of Wereldhave UK, said: “We are carrying on at the moment with implementing the ideas that we have, nothing is stopping in that respect.

“It doesn’t mean that nothing will happen until this is resolved, this will go on in parallel with implementing the proposals we have already come up with.

“We also have some other ideas which will further improve the offer in the centre and make it we believe a much better centre for Poole.”

He said there was “no problem” with financing the Poole scheme in the short-term, but that longer-term, Wereldhave was looking for a partner.

The Hague-based business said in 2010 it wanted to double the size of its portfolio in the UK but its retail assets have dropped in value and it is now selling its non-core assets in the UK.