PUPILS from a Bournemouth primary school are urging irresponsible dog owners to pick up after their pets and stop ruining their precious heathland.

The 90 boys and girls of year three at Hillview Primary School felt so strongly about the issue on Redhill Common that they each wrote a letter to the Daily Echo.

Teacher Chris Barnett said the three classes visited the common each week during the first part of the autumn term to learn about the unique species of lizards and other wildlife that live there.

He said: “When you are in there you don’t know where you are treading and several of the children have trodden in mess.

“The fact people let their dogs leave mess on the common even when there are 30 schoolchildren on there just beggars belief.”

Mr Barnett added: “We are not going to tar all dog owners but we have found it is a big problem here and something the children felt very strongly about.”

Grace, eight, said: “I feel very frustrated because people don’t pick it up.”

Aivija, seven, said: “I am actually quite shocked about it because it could cause blindness, it could cause disease and also it’s bad for the heathland.”

And Kyle, eight, added: “I feel ashamed of the dog owners. Please don’t be lazy – pick it up.”