A 96-year-old woman has fallen prey to burglars who cruelly stole hundreds of pounds of savings after conning her on her doorstep.

Money that was intended to cover her household bills and Christmas presents was taken from Nora May’s handbag after she was tricked into momentarily leaving her cottage while distraction burglars searched inside for the cash.

Mrs May said: “I just feel so angry with myself.”

The man who knocked on her door told her his company was doing some work on trees along her road and branches in her garden were in danger of touching overhead cables. Police believe an accomplice got into the New Forest property while the man was leading the pensioner towards the road.

They said the man is described as around 5ft tall, slim and thin faced wearing denim jeans and a white, hand-knitted jumper that was too big for him.

Investigating officer Det Con Darren Hooper also urged elderly residents to make sure they check the identification of anyone calling at their doors.

Anyone with information can contact Lyndhurst CID on 101 or alternatively telephone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.