A RESIDENTS’ group is calling for action after tourists discovered 50 syringes dumped at a beauty spot.

The haul of drug paraphernalia happened at West Cliff Green – a spot where children play and walkers enjoy the views from the clifftop.

Locals are calling for more to be done to stop addicts from using the park for dealing and taking illegal substances.

The organisers of regular litter picks reported three used syrin-ges being found at the green the day before the pile of needles were found next to the public toilets on the cliff top.

Roger Bellingham and his wife Hazel decided to call the police to have the needles removed after she passed the tourists on her morning jog.

Mr Bellingham, 69, said: “We didn’t know if the needles had been used or not.

“It was disgusting and whoever left them must have been out of their minds.”

Mr Bellingham said the problem needed to be stopped as there were a number of hotels overlooking the green and the popular West Cliff zigzag path to the beach is also close by.

Chris Colledge, chairman of West Cliff Green Residents association, and co-ordinator of the neighbourhood watch group, said drugs had become more of a problem there this year and his group found syringes every time they carried out a litter pick.

Mr Colledge said police should visit the green more and is also calling for a permanent or mobile CCTV camera to be installed there.

He said: “You can see people selling drugs there and you can smell marijuana.”

Mr Colledge is also calling for action after the toilets were left covered in graffiti and wants the council to take away the bin for the disposal of needles in the public toilets.

He added: “Surely this ‘sharp instrument facility’ sends out the wrong message that ‘shooting up’ with needles is acceptable?”

A Bournemouth council spokes-man said the pile of syringes were found to still be unused and in their packets unlike those found on the litter pick.

Sergeant Dave Moore, of the Bournemouth Central safer neighbourhood team, said police patrols have been increased in the area following the incident and vowed they are committed to tackling drugs.

He said: “Whoever left the needles on this occasion was wholly irresponsible and showed no thought towards the impact their actions would have on the community.”