STUDENTS with artistic flair have been given the chance to take home some much-needed cash as well as have their work showcased at the site of a planned new hotel.

Arts University Bournemouth students have been invited to create hoarding that will be wrapped around the forthcoming development at the site of the former Belvedere Hotel.

It is a chance for art students to exhibit their creative skills at a prominent location at Bath Road for all to see.

The winning design needs to clearly reflect the hotel's architectural quality and aspirations as "the new gateway" into Bournemouth, the developer said.

It will be shown during the anticipated two-year construction of the hotel - the operator of which has yet to be confirmed - which is expected to start sometime this summer.

Fresh Lime Developments were granted planning permission to build the £40million state-of-the-art hotel with residential accommodation at the end of last year.

The proposed 131-bedroom hotel complex will feature a spa and a restaurant, in addition to a spectacular two-storey penthouse roof top bar.

Michael Bibring, co-founder of Fresh Lime Developments, said: "We are delighted to be working with the Bournemouth Arts University as we start the rejuvenation journey.

"Our vision is for this site to become an integral part of the Bournemouth landscape and working with local partners, such as the university, is very high on our agenda.

“This creative initiative from Fresh Lime Developments will not only bring the derelict site in Bath Road to life during the construction phase but also embrace Bournemouth’s cultural heritage and renowned seaside experience.”

The deadline for entries is May 31. The competition is open to all second and third year students who can get further details from their course tutors.

The winner - who will also receive a £500 cash prize - is expected to be notified by July when Fresh Lime Developments will put the design into production,