A BOURNEMOUTH grandmother has struck it lucky scooping a dream prize of £300,000 on a lottery scratchcard.

And Asda Castlepoint cashier Wendy Finch has wasted no time at all in spending some of her fortune, putting in an offer on a two-bedroom flat in Bournemouth as well as booking a Disney World holiday.

Wendy, 52, who has three grown-up sons and six grandchildren, won her new-found fortune just 10 days ago on a National Lottery Bingo Red Scratchcard.

The new flat is world away from the one-room rented lodgings she is currently living in, where she shares a kitchen and bathroom.

Wendy said: “It's a lovely ground floor apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom and living space, two bedrooms and a garden. It will be absolute luxury for us; we really won't know what to do with ourselves.”

Wendy bought her winning scratchcard at the Asda kiosk where she works before her afternoon shift on Monday July 14.

She had already won £20 on another scratchcard bought at a shop near her home in Bournemouth, but decided to cash in the Scratchcard before starting her shift that day.

“I needed to top up my phone card so I used most of my £20 winnings on that, but on the spur of the moment decided to spend the loose change on another Scratchcard,” she said.

“I took the card with me to the Asda staff canteen to eat my lunch of salad and chips before starting my shift. But as I began to scratch it I thought less about the chips and more about what looked to me like a £300,000 top prize staring up at me from the table.

“I just couldn't believe my eyes and kept staring at the scratchcard.

“A couple of work colleagues I was with said I'd turned a funny colour - and when I took it back to the lottery terminal to check, the lady who sold me the Scratchcard turned a funny colour too.

SHe added: “My reaction was one of happiness, tears, joy and excitement, all rolled into one. I was shaking with so much excitement that I couldn't work, I had to ask for the day off.”

“One of my colleagues who sold me the scratchcard said she hoped I would be a winner, but I've never been lucky like this before and never for a moment thought that luck was about to change.

“It was the best bit of shopping I've ever done - the £3 I spent on that Scratchcard become £300,000. I still can't believe it.”

Wendy, whose grandchildren range in age from two to eight, said she has no intention of giving up work. “I love my job and I always wish my lottery regulars 'Good Luck'. It's a very happy place to work and I'd miss seeing all the customers.”