FOLLOWING complaints from residents, travellers at Fleetsbridge, Poole, have been asked to move a caravan further away from a back garden.

Resident Paula Holloway of Christopher Crescent had complained that one van, on land next to Staples car park, was parked right up against an elderly neighbour’s garden.

Peter Haikin, Borough of Poole regulatory services manager said: “Officers have made further visits to this unauthorised encampment and are satisfied that the site is being kept clean and tidy, and that the group are making use of the temporary toilets provided.”

To date, Borough of Poole has not instigated court action to have the two encampments removed.

Mr Haikin explained: “To apply for any eviction order we are required by law to collect a variety of information, including sufficient evidence to demonstrate that unauthorised encampment is having an adverse affect on the local community.

“We have initiated these enquiries and we will continue to monitor the site closely and respond to any changes that would indicate that legal proceedings need to be started.

“The travellers have been asked to move the motor caravan away from the rear fences of the neighbouring homes.”

He said they were also aware that four caravans were on a car park at Baiter.

“Officers have visited the site which is clean and tidy, and bags have been provided for rubbish.

The site will continue to be monitored by us as part of the legal process required for the removal of the travellers,” he added.

Earlier this year councillors agreed to offer travellers the use of temporary toilets and skips, to help address environmental concerns.

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