RELATIVES of a woman murdered by her husband have urged him to reveal what he did with her body.

Samantha Gillingham, the daughter of Carol Anne Packman, has blocked an attempt to move her father Russell Causley into a lower category prison.

She said Causley – who is currently serving a life sentence for the 1985 murder of Mrs Packman – should not be transferred until he had acknowledged his crime and told police what he had done with the body.

And Causley’s grandson Neil Gillingham, 24, has echoed his mother’s view. In a message to his grandfather, who he has never met, he said: “You want to be released, that’s absolutely fine – you tell us where she is.”

He will attend Causley’s parole hearing in August with his mother. In a statement due to be read to the parole hearing, Mrs Gillingham said: “Two murder trials, many appeals at the High Court and he says nothing.

“I have not been told where my mother is and the sadness that this causes me is immeasurable.”

Causley, of Portlock Place, Maidenhead, was convicted of murder and jailed in 1996. Following an appeal to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, he was tried for a second time in 2004 and convicted again with a recommendation that he should serve at least 16 years before being considered for parole.

Mrs Packman went missing from the family home in Ipswich Road, Westbourne, in June 1985, shortly after visiting a solicitor to find out about getting a divorce.

Her husband had moved his mistress Patricia Causley into the house and lied that his wife had gone off with another man.

In 1993, he staged his own disappearance from a yacht off the Channel Islands with the aim of making a huge insurance claim. When police tried to contact Mrs Packman to tell her that her husband was presumed drowned, they discovered no-one had seen or heard from her for eight years.

Despite the absence of a body, Russell Causley – who once broke his daughter’s arm in a fit of temper when she was a child – was convicted of murder.