‘This is the captain of your ship... calling,” went the old TV advert for Muller Rice.

Space rock band Hawkwind are sending out a similar message when they bring their show to the Salisbury City Hall tomorrow evening. Formed in 1969 by former London busker Dave Brock, although there have been numerous line-up changes throughout the years, Dave remains at the helm of Hawkwind today and is known affectionately by many fans as the “Captain of the ship”.

“The tour seems to come round quick, it seems only a few months ago we were doing the last December tour. It happens as you get older, time goes faster,” says Brock, 69.

The annual Hawkwind tour has become something of a Christmas spectacular featuring dancers, stilt walkers, psychedelic lighting and projections.

“We’re making music but we’re also painting pictures with sound. As long as you have new ideas, it’s quite fun.

“We play lots of festivals and try and make life pleasant,” says Dave Brock.

Hawkwind are probably best known for their 1972 hit single Silver Machine, which featured a pre-Motorhead Lemmy on vocals. With well-over 20 studio albums under their belt, the band has a strong worldwide fan base.

“The fans are a big mixture, we have young and old.

“We did our own festival last year called HawkFest at the Isle of Wight, where we were supported by loads of young bands.”

Hawkwind appear at the Salisbury City hall tomorrow night.