THE Starlight Express is making a stop in town this November thanks to Bournemouth Musical Theatre Productions.

This company is one of the first adult amateur companies in the country to be afforded the rights to perform Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s high speed roller-skating spectacular.

Starlight Express will be performed at The Life Centre, Moordown from Thursday, November 16 through to Saturday, November 18.

The production is an amateur production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd.

The story starts with a mother telling her small child to put away his toy trains and go to sleep. In the child’s dream, the locomotives and carriages come to life. Trains from distant places roll into the station: It is the night of the locomotives’ world championship race.

The young steam engine Rusty, who is likeable but no longer very technically up-to-date, seems to have no chance against his more modern challengers.

Rusty battles desperately against the macho Greaseball.

The rockin’ diesel engine wins the heart of the female carriages by the dozen. And when Electra, the hyper modern electric engine, turns up and Pearl, who Rusty is in love with, captivates the first-class carriage, it starts to look as if the young steam engine will lose the battle.

Three, two, one – go! The flags drop, lights flash and helmets glitter. At lightning speed, the locomotives dash around the track with their carriages. The conflict between the trains keeps on intensifying – they don’t always play fair in this international match. Suddenly he appears like a radiant comet in the sky: the legendary “Starlight Express”.

The night is filled with glittering stars as Rusty discovers what really counts in life: believing in yourself. He goes into the final round with new courage. And Pearl begins to realise who she really loves. Tickets range from £17 to £20 available at