LEARNING how to perform on stage is so much more than looking to become the next superstar. It’s a case of nurturing skills that stay with you.

That is the ethos from Jo Barrington, producer of SCAPA (South Coast Academy of Performing Arts) who is about to introduce a new stage school to Shelley Theatre, from this September.

Jo is a former actress and also head of performing arts at Bournemouth and Poole college.

“When I was growing up, acting lessons were affordable and something not reserved for those from more privileged backgrounds.” Jo explained.

“The arts is perhaps becoming less accessible to people nowadays. I think that is tragic. People need to be encouraged.”

“With the relationship that Ginger Boy Productions, that I am producer, has with Shelley Theatre, it was a case of a natural fit and something that looked like the next natural step to keep the momentum with the theatre.”

One of the core elements that Jo believes in is not just about taking people who want to perform and to nurture a talent, but to develop key skills.

“This is more to do with communication, motivation and responsibility than it does with wanting a key role in a stage show.”

“Seeing people develop is a huge buzz. Everytime a child is on stage, they change.”

The classes will start for people who want to explore the world of performing arts with the intention to create two age groups and an adult group.

Nina Dunne, Shelley Theatre trustee, encouraged the theatre for others to use and perform within. “To those people who are part of the new stage school, we want this to be their space. We want people to experience the theatre and not be a once in a blue moon experience.”

“There are many people who don’t go to the theatre, we are thrilled to support SCAPA and make the new stage school a success to everyone who participates.”

The classes start Monday, September 18, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. If you would like to sign up for the free session, contact info@scapa.biz or call Jo on 07525 040296