CORNWALL has its pasty - now Purbeck has its pie.

Elizabeth’s in Swanage has created a truly artisan Purbeck Pie

Ingredients include local venison marinated overnight in Dorset sloe fruit wine, juniper berries, spices and herbs.

Chef foraged wild blackberries from Hartland Moor add a seasonal and fruity twist along with elderberries from Swanage and rowan berries from Studland which are made into homemade sweet jams to flavour the gravy.

Local pumpkin and parsnip, seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg, then roasted in virgin olive oil and local honey.

This scrumptious medley is topped off with a deliciously rich homemade shortcrust pastry, infused with herbs and Dorset Blue Vinney Cheese.

Owner Julie McKenzie said: "This autumnal treat will only be available during the autumn/winter season while these wild local ingredients are freshly available to forage and harvest."

The Purbeck Pie will be served with creamy 'n’ buttery mash and seasonal veg of the day. So first come, first served.