Bournemouth takeaway lovers opt for Mexican food above anything else, according to delivery company, Deliveroo.

Celebrating it's second birthday, the company who recently announced they would be using jet skis to deliver food to beach goers, said Saturday night is when most people prefer to stay home.

And the most popular dish in the town is Mexigo’s Chipotle Chicken Burrito.

Deliveroo work with more than 80 independent restaurants in Bournemouth, with American and Chinese the second the third most popular type of fare.

Hot Wings from KFC are the second most popular, followed by sweet chilli stir fry from Noodle Bar, mac daddy from Chicken & Blues and a chicken wrap from Roosters Piri Piri.

Since its launch two years ago, more than 120 restaurants have signed up.

A spokesperson said: “We’re proud to support so many of the very best local restaurants in the town alongside national favourites too.

"It’s been truly amazing to hear stories about how local restaurants have been able to expand their businesses to other areas because of the additional revenue Deliveroo is generating for them.

“We will continue to provide the best service possible for our Bournemouth customers, riders and restaurant partners as we grow.”