IF you’re bored of over-priced and under-satisfying sarnies, Oli Perron is on a mission to make lunchtimes more exciting.

For he has launched a lunch delivery service to offices in Bournemouth and Poole, using local meat and fresh, seasonal ingredients.

“We want to push the boundaries of the boring lunch,” he explains.

“I’ve always loved cooking and I only like to use local ingredients.

“We create our menus around what is available.”

His new venture, Lunch’d, is a natural progression for Oli who started as a chef and then touted fruit and veg to city bankers for a living.

Then he moved to Dorset to set up a veg box operation supplying discerning foodies with good quality local produce. Now Oli is delivering around 130 lunches a week, and hopes to encourage bosses of local businesses to subsidise the meals as a perk for their employees.

He said: “It means their staff will get a substantial healthy lunch several times a week because it’s hard to get something yummy and nutritious for under a fiver.”

You can even watch Oli preparing your meal ahead of delivery at his Penn Hill apartment, or you can get some seasonal recipes to try at home from his boxedvegtv website.

Dishes on the menu last week that were put to the taste test included lamb, lentil and squash curry, smoked paprika chicken stroganoff with wild rice and a superfood salad which contained caramelised red onion, courgettes and feta with sesame, soy and quinoa.

Every meal was delicious, nutritious and filling.

What’s more, Oli gives any leftovers to the local homeless, so you could say this is feel good food in every way. To see Oli’s daily menus, and for more information, visit lunchd.co.uk