THREE great bands for the price of one was too good an offer to miss. For someone who left school and started their first job in the 80’s all three of these artists played a significant part in supplying the soundtrack to those times. Whether it was being a massive Jam fan listening to Ultravox and wondering what that synth stuff was all about, having a crush on Clare Grogan or discovering the Isley Brothers after listening to the Christians’ version of Harvest For The World (cheers guys).

Altered Images fronted by Clare Grogan started the show with a set of bright up-tempo pop songs that still sound as good as they did when they were first released. This was the act I was most looking forward to, having seen the Christians and Midge Ure a number of times before, and they did not disappoint. After a quick break it was the turn of The Christians, who although best known for their early hits, are still touring on a regular basis and are sounding better than ever. Hooverville, Ideal World and Born Again all led to a rousing finale of Harvest For the World showing that Garry Christians voice and the bands delivery is still as strong as ever.
The first 10 minutes of the final set by Midge Ure were taken up showing a promo film for his recent project where he has reimagined some of the hits we are to hear tonight, giving them the full orchestra treatment. When he finally arrived and started the show with Yellow Pearl, the hit he co-wrote with Phil Lynott (the Top of The Pops theme for those of you who can remember that far), you just knew it was going to be a great set. There is no mistaking Midge Ure’s voice for anyone else in pop either past or present. Whether it’s playing Ultravox hits like The Voice, Sleepwalk, Dancing With Tears in My Eyes, All Stood Still and Hymn, all of which were played, or solo tunes like No Regrets, the power and ability to sustain those notes just seems to have got better and better over the years.

He also played Fade To Grey, the smash he wrote whilst in Visage, followed by the tune that has become an iconic reminder of the early electronic music scene, Vienna. The whole crowd were on their feet and it sent shivers down my spine hearing it here tonight and was worth the price of the ticket alone. As the show was in danger of over-running it was an encore of a single song, Love’s Great Adventure, and then they were gone.

As a singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player and producer the talent of the man deserves a much bigger venue but it was also great to see him in a cosy place like the Pavilion. There are still 27 dates left on the tour so make sure you catch one of them. You will not be disappointed.