It’s easy to see why Boyzone wanted to make this album. The tracklist boasts some brilliant Motown classics, from The Supremes’ You Can’t Hurry Love to Jackie Wilson’s Higher And Higher.

It’s toe-tapping, sing-along, dancefloor-filling stuff.

However, the deep, crooning tones of Ronan Keating and the lads just don’t suit these tunes.

Of course Boyzone can sing, and Mikey Graham has really come into his voice of late, as he proved on their last album BZ20. But the mojo is lacking from this music.

It’s a bit like listening to a karaoke session or a wedding band, just going through the motions. And what’s really sad is it really highlights the absence of the late Stephen Gately, who died so tragically aged just 33 in 2009.

Gately had a strong falsetto voice that hit all the high notes in Boyzone and he always used to have a little R&B or Motown moment to himself in their live shows.

He was their Diana Ross. Lads, we hope you had great fun making this record, and enjoyed your trip to Detroit. But for your next album, why not stay a little closer to home?

There’s a whole back catalogue of Irish rebel songs just waiting to be re-recorded - and we’d love to hear the Boyzone take on them.