Kasabian — 48.13 Columbia ****

WITH Oasis seemingly no closer to a reunion, it’s still left to Kasabian to fly the flag for lad rock.

The title of Kasabian’s new album, 48.13 – the exact runtime of the album in minutes – might seem a little unoriginal, but its content says otherwise.

The Leicester band (Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews) seem to have a way of remaining relevant without changing their sound too much.

Listeners will be pleased to hear that much of the heavy synth and the neo-psychedelia remains, but now with a bit of fine-tuning.

Glass is perhaps the biggest change, with its thumping bass, followed by a bit of an anti-climax, which soon picks up by the time Eez-eh comes in – upbeat and anthemic, it would be the highlight of the album, had the catchy Bumblebee not pipped it to the post.

Kasabian fans will love the album, which, despite the band’s nod to punk with the hot pink album cover and the punky Doomsday, prove they have not departed too much from their old ways.

Expect to hear this latest outing booming out from the main stage of Glasto this month or a stadium near you.