The dead walk in tropical paradise so dismantling them with brute force and patchy acting is what we're all about here.

Both Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide are included here, cleaned up for the current-generation, as well as the hilarious 16-bit side-scroller Dead Island: Retro Revenge. Oddly there's no room for Escape from Dead Island, which rather slaps the word 'definitive' around the chops.

Apart from some slightly smarter graphics, it all plays out as before: not sensational but good innards-ripping fun. The ropey voice acting and shocking script somehow add to the games' B-movie approach. This also give them a strangely appropriate pass for some minor glitches (stuck zombie alert).

Star of the show is the aforementioned Retro Revenge, in which your Jack Black-esque hero must rescue his cat in the manner of a classic 90s arcade machine.

Dead Island and Riptide are glitchy, repetitive affairs but there is a sack of bloody fun to be had, no question. Whether you can look past its foibles will depend on how much you're willing to forgive and soak into its B-movie persona.