Looking for a new game to play this weekend? here's our round-up. 

Professional Farmer 2017 (PC)

IT’S time to get your wellies on, as Professional Farmer 2017 throws you headlong into the life of a farmer with all its incredible tasks and challenges, the likes of which are rarely replicated in any other job. 

Where else can you drive incredible tractors, control original machines, cultivate your fields and market your produce for profit? 

Of course, aside from animals and machinery, there’s a strong commercial angle to this simulation. The better your fields are tilled, the more animals you breed, and the more products you produce, the better your profit and income.

But living the rural dream will not be easy - requiring hours of virtual hard work, farming skills, a strong sense of business and plenty of fresh air. 

Inks (iTunes)

INKS is a fantastic fusion of art, pinball and puzzle gaming, which gives players the opportunity to create their own uniquely colourful interactive canvases while tackling a host of ingenious table set-ups. 

The puzzle element comes to the fore as you must ping your pinball to explode cunningly placed coloured targets, and the force with which you strike them will determine the shape and size of the gloriously messy paint explosion that ensues. 

It’s Jackson Pollock-esque to look at, bizarrely therapeutic to play and packed with dozens of different levels to let your creative spirit loose on. Lovely stuff.

Smash The Office (iTunes)

BIG-name titles such as Grand Theft Auto have become used to courting controversy with its mature themes and violent gameplay, still winning out amongst age-appropriate gamers thanks to the series’ incredible production values, storytelling and all-round open-world awesomeness. 

Smash The Office is likely to draw some similar headlines, as you assume control of a thoroughly fed up white-collar office worker whose sole goal is to do as much damage as he can to his work environment in 60 seconds. 

There’s little more depth to it than that, but a well-constructed combo and power-up system allow you to unleash even greater destruction on your surroundings, delivered through some solid 3D smartphone graphics and tight virtual controls on the touchscreen.