With a new film out this week, our Lombax (a mischievous big-eared kitten type of deal) and thoroughly polite robot duo have found themselves at the centre of a smidge more attention than probably expected. Well done marketing boffins.

The series has never been one for the seasoned gamer who prefers their challenges cerebral with a difficulty level to match, and nothing has changed with this current-generation reboot.

I say reboot, the thing follows the original 2002 PS2 release pretty faithfully, complete with mallet-subtle environmental message (don't let evil corporate sponge-headed aliens pollute the planet, kids), albeit told from the perspective of imprisoned 'hero' Qwark.

And it's a solid, high-performing 3D platformer with a batch of neat weapons heaved into the mix, the best of which turns your enemies into a mess of 8-bit pixels - very nice.

Scriptwise it's a little lacking; even pre-teens might feel a little patronised by the standard-issue humour. But you can't deny the brain-meltingly colourful visuals and simplistic interplanetary shoot-and-collect on offer.