It's clear the world isn't a bag of giggles for those left behind in the world of the Walking Dead.

Following not-particularly-hot-on-the-heels of The Walking Dead Season 2, Michonne lobs us a woman - our heroine after whom the game is named - tortured by memories of her children but utterly comfortable among hordes of the undead when holding a machete.

It's almost like we're watching a grown Clementine, the young star of the first two seasons, shorn of innocence and completely battle hardened.

Michonne also takes us away from the previous land-locked settings and throws a little more watery action at the messy societal fragments we encounter. Zombies have impressive sea-legs, it appears.

It's business as usual with Telltale's system employed for navigation, battle and decision-making. The only small change seems to be an improvement in facial-adjustments on the characters when reacting to decisions. They appear to be a little more in control rather than random gurning like they're being controlled by an indecisive puppet master.

It has been nearly two years since the last Walking Dead game, and Michonne is a dark, bloody and most welcome return for the series