Am I the only one not in on the joke here?

I can take Anime cheese with the best of them, but only if it's backed up by planetary-sized content.

SF5 has all the cheese and none of the crackers, not even an arcade mode. I mean who the hell releases a one-on-one fighter without an arcade mode? To be fair, one is planned but this won't be released until June as a free DLC. Don't release an unfinished game. What if just finished this sentence h-

The rosta also appears to be missing a few faces. I know Street Fighter has never boasted the longest list of combatants but 16? And no Balrog? Well not yet, he's one of six planned for further DLC over the course of the year. The 16 include four new mushes: Necalli, Rashid, Laura and F.A.N.G. Quite what the latter's acronym stands for is, as yet, unexplained. Perhaps it will be the subject of another DLC.

Combatwise it's super-fun violent loveliness with Ryu and Ken. New to 5 is the V gauge, which grows as you successfully slap the hell out of your opponent. Fill it and you've got some unique abilities to attack and counter. It's good, proper SF fare; there's no Mortal Kombat-style gore, but wholesome, honest, arcade Anime rough-housing.

Online and, if the servers are playing ball (the first few days after launch have been pretty sloppy but matters have improved) players can only invite one chum into the Battle Lounge. Come March, Capcom say, this will be increased.

Capcom insist that none of the additions will require your hard cash but to release the game missing large chunks of content is baffling. Even SF fans should wait at least until June for the arcade mode.

In the words of Mortal Kombat, finish him!