A BUS company boss has donned a special high-tech suit to see what challenges are faced by elderly passengers.

Morebus managing director Andrew Wickham took part in an exercise which is regularly completed by the company's bus drivers, as part of its equality and diversity training.

“This was a tremendously worthwhile experience for me - and for my colleagues here at Morebus,” said Andrew.

“We developed this training in consultation with Age UK, and now we’re running it independently alongside our Dementia Friends training.

“We want to make our buses accessible to all those living, working in and visiting the Bournemouth and Poole area. These age suits are weighted to simulate mobility difficulties, and they restrict sight and hearing - helping us understand the extra challenges faced by some of those who use our services.

“All of our drivers will have the opportunity to take part in this initiative, and I have no doubt it will play a key part in improving the travel experience for many passengers - regardless of the day-to-day obstacles they may face.”