EDDIE Howe contemplates a rollercoaster year in charge of Cherries – and outlines his hopes for the next 12 months.

It's been a good year, although given the position we're in, it's sometimes very difficult to see that.

But when you take things as a whole, we finished ninth in the Premier League. That's unprecedented for us and has to be a huge high.

It was incredible to finish in the top half, something we would only have dreamed about a few years ago.

The players deserve a lot of credit and, hopefully, those memories will serve them well for what they encounter for the rest of this season.

This campaign is a different challenge and we are going to be defined by what we do in the latter stages of this year and next year.

It's all about tomorrow and what you achieve next, it's not about what you have done historically.

My hopes for next year are that the club continues to grow on and off the pitch. There always has to be an upward trajectory for the club, from top to bottom.

We have still got a lot to do to reach the level of the other teams in the division we're competing in, with facilities being one example.

Another wish is that we never lose sight of where we came from, our expectations and the challenges we face, and that we stay united.

Our togetherness as a club has always been unique and it's very important we maintain and enhance that.

Over Christmas, we would like points and performances from this intense period of games.

Of course, we wish good health and happiness to all our supporters and everyone associated with the club.

That's one which is often overlooked but I think it's really important.

  • Eddie Howe was talking to Echo sports writer Ned Payne