LONDON 2012 star Zara Dampney has been selected in the England women’s side to compete in the Continental Cup at LeAF Academy from June 21-22.

The Christchurch-born ace joins Savannah Leaf, Grace Lazard and Jess Grimson in the four-strong squad for the first-round pool event, which represents the start of qualification for Rio 2016.

Two sets of pairs play each other and if the contest is tied, a third match will take place, with any player on the team free to take part.

England’s interim head coach Kirk Pitman said: “The selection process for this competition was tough for everyone involved.

“We pushed all the athletes to get an idea of what they were capable of which left us with a really difficult decision when it came down to selecting the final team.

“All the athletes involved in the selection process can take great credit for their efforts.”

The event is free for spectators and coaching is also available for anyone interested in getting involved in the sport.