PIRATES chief Matt Ford has moved to reassure fans that speedway will remain at Wimborne Road for years to come.

Stadium operators Stadia UK yesterday revealed it was in talks regarding the feasibility of building a multi-purpose facility that would provide a home for Poole Town, Pirates and greyhound racing.

Former Cherries chairman Eddie Mitchell, who acquired a two-year majority share option in the non-league football club in December, has been heavily involved in finding Dolphins a new home.

It has now emerged that they could return to the stadium they were kicked out of 20 years ago.

However, Poole promoter Ford has moved to quell fears of Pirates fans that this could cast doubt over the future of the reigning Elite League champions.

He told the Daily Echo: “I have to confess I have been rather shocked by this statement from the stadium – it’s come right out of the blue.

“I had no knowledge.

“But if there is an opportunity to improve the stadium facilities then I will be absolutely thrilled.

“We will monitor the ongoing dialogue and I will be delighted to embrace anything that can make Poole Stadium better.

“I will reiterate that the speedway will continue to run from March to October and we look forward to going out on track next month as the reigning Elite League champions.”

Ford added that it was his firm belief that speedway would continue to thrive in Poole.

He said: “I felt it only right to make it clear to all Pirates devotees and speedway fans in general that Poole Speedway is here for the long haul.

“We have just committed to a five-year contract with Sky Sports and we intend to honour that commitment.

“Bikes have roared around Wimborne Road since 1948 and they will still be enthralling Dorset speedway fans in the long term.

“Last year alone, Poole Pirates were shown on over 80 hours of TV time on Sky Sports. This year will be no different.

“The fact we help enhance Poole tourism and can bring national titles to the town for me is a lifetime achievement fulfilled.

“If this is an opportunity to make the stadium better or help the town, then I think it’s something we should all be extremely positive about.”