Bournemouth Daily Echo Editor Toby Granville was nominated for the ice bucket challenge by his friend Caroline Fogerty - so today we gave him a good soaking. 

He's nominated council leaders John Beesley, Elaine Atkinson and Ray Nottage.

Known simply as the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants just need a bucket of icy water and a smart phone to take part in the fundraiser to promote awareness of motor neurone disease (MND), or ALS as it is known in the US.

Those nominated have to pour the bucket over the heads, or have some friends on hand to do the honour for them, before naming somebody else to take part, who then has 24-hours notice to carry out the challenge themselves.

Anyone who does not complete the task within the allotted time has to make a donation to charity, with the majority of donations going to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.