A LONG-running dispute over rubbish left tenants with a mountain of waste outside their homes.

Residents of Bramble Court in West Moors did not have their rubbish collected for weeks, with the result that dozens of bags full of rubbish were stacked up in their car park.

The rubbish was eventually cleared by bin men two days after the Echo visited.

But Dorset Waste Partnership says there are long-standing issues with the bins at Bramble Court that need to be resolved. They claim residents dump so much rubbish that refuse crews simply cannot access the bins.

Resident Muriel Freeman, 82, said: “It’s disgusting. I’ve been here 12 years and it’s never been like this before.”

Pat Pike, 69, said: “You get a lot of flies – I’ve got them in my kitchen.”

And mum Hayley Chapman said the rubbish has also attracted rats.

“It’s unfit for our children. Something really needs to be done.”

The flats are owned by Spectrum Housing, who said they were working with Dorset Waste Partnership to try to resolve the problems and looking to relocate the bin stores.

Karyn Punchard, Dorset Waste Partnership streetscene manager, said: “Our crews have attended to find large amounts of rubbish and furniture on the floor of the bin store and have been unable to remove the bins to empty them.

“Our crew visited and found that furniture had been removed, exposing more rubbish.

“We cleared this and emptied the bins. We have worked with Spectrum to advise residents on how to use the recycling service and reduce their rubbish.

“We changed all the bins in the store to rubbish bins, giving more room for black sacks.

“We also created a separate recycling area.”