TRAVELLERS have reportedly moved onto the former Park and Ride site at Creekmoor.

It is believed fencing was broken to gain access to the site last night.

There are around a dozen caravans on the site.

Once again the council has immediately begun the legal process to move this latest group. Peter Haikin regulatory Services Manager, Borough of Poole, said temporary toilets and a skip had been provided to cut clean-up costs.

He added: “The encampment is not in a prominent position and we will be regularly monitoring the site to identify if there is any detrimental effect on the local community. This is a necessary part of the legal process to obtain a court order for the eventual removal of the travellers.”

Creekmoor ward councillor Judy Butt said she was concerned about the impact on residents adding: “Our concern is that more are going to come. It’s a huge site so we are holding our breath waiting for the next lot to turn up.

“We as ward councillors are obviously concerned for our residents and doing everything we can to remove them as soon as possible.”

Referring to the lack of a transit site within the borough she added: “A temporary site would not have been sufficient with the number of caravans we’ve got in the area at the moment – it would be overflowing. As I’ve always said a temporary site is not a cure-all.”

The latest encampment comes just hours after three new traveller encampments were set-up across Bournemouth and Poole.

Travellers left Turlin Moor on Wednesday night and moved to Baiter Park, Cotlands Road car park in Bournemouth and Beach Road car park in Canford Cliffs.

Travellers are still at Baiter Park this morning but an encampment at Beach Road car park, Branksome, have now left after direction orders were served yesterday by Borough of Poole and the site is clean. 

Six caravans remain at Cotlands car park today. 

Some even tried to gain entry to Kings Park in Bournemouth but were turned back.

Bournemouth Council has put other sites in lockdown following the latest camps.

These includes Meyrick Park, Queens Park, Redhill and Slades.

The lockdown will stay in place until the air festival at the end of the month.

Officials have put legal moves in process to gain possession of the Cotlands Road site, although at 4.30pm the council said some of the group appeared to be moving on because they "didn't like it" there.

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