POLICE were called to Boscombe this morning after a woman was apparently attacked.

An area of the churchyard at St Clement’s Church, St Clement’s Road, was cordoned off this morning, with police officers and forensics experts on the scene.

Dorset Police has not yet confirmed the nature of the incident, but has said it was called at 5.30am to reports of a disturbance in the area.

A resident of Hamilton Close, who did not want to be named, described hearing a young woman screaming outside her house.

“She was bleeding from the face and had obviously sustained a head injury,” she added. “I was trying to speak to her and she was screaming ‘please help me, please help me – I have been attacked’.

“The poor girl, her voice was so distraught.

“I went inside and called the police and within the space of about four minutes two police cars arrived and shortly after that an ambulance.

“While I was giving my statement to the police my neighbour was talking to the paramedics.”

Another nearby resident, who also did not want to be named, said he saw the woman running down Hamilton Close knocking on doors and screaming for help.

“She was just shouting again and again for help,” he added. “She seemed to be in a lot of distress.”

Ward councillor Jane Kelly said: "It is very concerning to hear about this. I hope the woman is not badly injured and I send her my best wishes. 

"I commend those who helped her and for calling the police so quickly."

South Western Ambulance Service confirmed that it was called at around 5.30am, but would not give any further details.