A CLEAN-UP operation has begun after a group of travellers left Slades Farm last night.

A court order to remove the travellers from Slades Farm was obtained by Bournemouth council on Thursday afternoon.

Some of the travellers are believed to set-up camp at Turlin Moor on Thursday night. 

Officers from Borough of Poole are on their way to the site.

A spokesman for the council confirmed that legal proceedings to move them on would be started immediately.

She said some of the campervans and caravans within the group were believed to have come from the Slades Farm camp.

As reported in the Daily Echo yesterday, the number of caravans and camper vans at the site, which first started arriving last Friday, had doubled to 24 by yesterday.

Security guards were tasked with manning the entrance to the site after the travellers managed to gain access.

This morning council workers have been at the site clearing rubbish.

Two van loads have been so far been filled with rubbish.

Andy McDonald, parks manager, said:“Officers attended Slades Farm first thing this morning to make the area safe and are currently in the process of clearing the site.

"There has been a considerable amount of waste left behind following the unauthorised encampment.”

Cllr Anne Filer tweeted this afternoon to praise the council workers at Slades Farm: "These guys are real heroes. A horrible job & thanks to all involved. Pity the travellers don't clear up after themselves!"



In the New Forest, police were called to Bolton's Bench at Lyndhurst, where a "small encampment" moved onto the site on Thursday night.

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